Florida has over 3500 golf courses, so this place is every golfer’s dream. Here the weather is also on the golfer’s side, and you will find perfect grass conditions here. Everything is arranged for you to get a nice experience on the golf course.

I believe we’re moving into a new age where our Dream Circles will DICTATE our Income Circles, instead of the other way around! We must, or we leave the next generation at risk!

You will have to make sure though that you take your trips to Similans NOT between May 15th all the way through to November 1st of each year as the National park is closed during this time due to weather conditions. Please not that any charter company that try to “sell” or “offer” charters at this time of year is not reputable as the weather conditions are not good and it will be no fun!

Have you ever asked yourself: “What makes my heart beat faster? What’s my purpose? Why am I here?” Are you fulfilling your dreams? Are you working to make this world a better place, doing what you are uniquely designed to do? If you answer affirmatively, that places you in the top 5% of the world’s population! Congratulations – please do tell us more, in the comment section below. You are one of the people who is making a huge difference!

Yosemite National dream destinations Park This park has massive trees that have been there for centuries. The trees surround the parks natural waterfalls, breathtaking scenery and trout streams. Families have been camping here for a long time, so the park is well equipped to entertain children and adults of all ages. One of the most popular spots kids enjoy is a tree, with a hole at its base, large enough for cars to drive through.

Dream, is an important part of life itself. It’s about setting a goal, setting a time and working hard and striving to achieve it. As everyone knows it, all famous achievers have at one time have their own dreams before riding roughly on the road to success.

The best part is, not only are these women intoxicatingly beautiful, there are also super friendly and easily approachable. All you need to do is be your self, no games or special pick-up tricks are required.