Harris County Animal Control shelter gave this St. Bernard a one day reprieve yesterday. He needs a rescue by this evening or he will be put to sleep.

This will save you absurd amounts of money. Besides the horrific impact of plastics on our ecosystem, water bottles are petroleum based products. While they only use “small” amounts in the production of a single water bottle, consider the amount of water bottles you trashed this year. And multiply that by the other 300 million Americans who are gulping down even more water than you. That is a heavy burden, and a waste. Buy a filter. They are easy, and will save you untold amounts of money, considering how much water you drink. You should be drinking more!

Fret not my friends, I have a solution: my 11 (real, not ridiculous) Green Resolutions for 2011. The best part is that these are resolutions that also have the potential to save you lots of money.

Celestial Seasonings, the largest specialty tea company in America, offers free tours seven days a week, showing the fascinating process of assembling tea. The tour begins with a short film shown in an Art Gallery featuring the original paintings that were used as illustrations for Celestial Seasonings’ colorful and whimsical boxes. Along the way, visitors can see, taste and smell the many flavors and spices that make Celestial Seasonings so special. Near the end of the tour, visitors can enter The Peppermint Room, where the powerful aroma of peppermint and spearmint can clear your sinuses and breathe more clearly for days.

On Veterans Day, the Radon Mitigation Department began the new holiday schedule. Veterans Day was the first holiday to change to the new schedule. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, President’s Day, and Cesar Chavez Day also will change.

Tammy ordered the Beet and Fig salad like a woman taking her wedding vows. It made it all the more tragic when the waiter told her there were no figs available. I swear she almost cried. We were almost angry, but you really can’t be when a restaurant will only serve what they can get fresh. They could have gone to Safeway and bought an old bag of dried mission figs and tossed them on the plate. I ate at place last week where bagged figs would have been a step up. If you want fresh, if you want integrity, sometimes you have to pay the price. Tonight it was Tammy’s turn. She politely passed on a starter, it was still too early for her to date.

They want to know how it is that Susan makes people more attractive because deep down they are wondering whether Susan and her stylists can make them more attractive as well.

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