11:00 AM – Cymbeline the Puppet King at Media Park, 9070 Venice Boulevard, Culver City, CA 90232 (next to The Ivy Substation, corner of Culver and Venice). The Actors’ Gang’s 4th Annual Free Summer-in-the-Park production is an hilarious, kid-friendly re-imagining of Shakespeare’s Cymbeline. Music, merriment, and madcap adventures are in store. Not to mention a whole slew of puppets! It’s fun for the whole family. The show will be presented on every saturday and sunday at 11:00am from July 25 to August 30. For more information, call (310) 838-GANG or click here.

I vowed to myself there and then never to get serious about a foreign girl because the arguments were just too much. Food was never a problem. Culture was not much of a problem, although where I was in southern Netherlands, most people were Catholic and I am not. This did perplex some parents but not me. Travelling was always going to be the problem. Do you live by her parents or yours? Especially when children start arriving. Most countries have stronger family ties than Britain.

Guan Di was a real life historical figure. He was born in China and rose to become the most famous army general in China. He won many famous battles and gained a reputation for being brave, intelligent and fearless. His life story was immortalized in the famous Romance of the Three Kingdoms, where in one story, while he was shot in the arm by a poisonous arrow. He had to be treated by having a doctor cut open his arm to release the poison. In order to divert his attention, he used the other arm to play Chinese chess. Those around him cringed, and some fainted on the sight of the gory surgery, but Guan Di remain calm throughout.

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No mention of the atrocities committed by the Asian hordes unleashed on Europe by Stalin. No mention of the millions of people sent to their deaths, both Russian and European by that madman, Stalin.

A list of George Sand’s conquests reads like an artistic who’s who of quirky festivals at the time. Liszt, Victor Hugo, Dumas (pere) and the painter Delacroix were all the targets of her naughty network, but some say she failed with every one.

For all the gods here, worshippers would bring offerings of flowers, oranges, light joss sticks or incense for the gods, leaving the courtyard area smelling sweet and smoky.

That’s all for Guan Di and a few Chinese gods and a little bit of Chinese culture. There may even be a little Guan Di celebration in your own country if you have a China town back home.