St Thomas is located in the US Virgin Islands. It is a picturesque little island of only 31 square miles with many breathtaking beaches. As for the first question people usually ask there are no nude beaches in St Thomas as they are illegal. I have listed my most favorite beaches and their individual attributes.

Be prepared: Make sure your vehicle has plenty of gas since many gas stations may not be open during the middle of the night or early morning. Pack snacks and water for the same reason. Many Restaurants in Sikkim will not be open. However, Frisch’s, Cracker Barrell and McDonald’s will be open. Many shopping centers will be handing out donuts and coffee.

Canetti’s Seafood Grotto is one of those places that should not be forgotten. This place is San Pedro. owner Joe Canetti as been in the kitchen most of his life cooking up meals, (mostly amazing fish entrees), talking with costumers and being the alling her father a well-deserved break. Many restaurant owners have gone down the same road as Mr. Canetti, but he has not retired. Mr. Canetti and Joann know their restaurant is a healthy and tasty place to eat. Grease is out and grilled items are what folks enjoy.

Weather permitting, a visit to Central Park will be a beautiful experience, especially during the spring and fall. Who could resist a picnic in this picture perfect park? You can also enjoy a boat ride on the lake, take a gander at the animals in the zoo, or even watch a performance at the theater. And how could I almost forget to mention a carriage ride! It’s definitely a cheesy tourist thing to do that probably isn’t very cheap, but it’s New York!

Many Ohioans cried “foul” days and weeks after the election. Several local news stations have on-line “blogging” forums for the community, where dozens and dozens of posts contained the same question.. “Who voted for Issue 4? Nobody I know Voted for it!” Banners and posters are now to be displayed at all bars and public places with an 800 number to call if someone is breaking the new law, except, the “law” hasn’t even been written yet. Law makers have until June of 2007 to have the text that outlines the punishments written. Even though the banners were posted and the ashtrays were removed, Ohioans continue to light up in public places and business owners are not stopping them.

If you are looking for a place to go dancing, this is something else to pay attention to. Some places are music-only because there really is no space for dancing.

The newscasters will announce the available shelters in your area. If a hurricane is coming right over your path, I would strongly recommend you to seek shelter. Wanting to stay home to watch over your house is not worth risking your life. Even if your home is damage, at least you and your family will be safe.