Step back in time and experience the vintage glamour, dazzling style and groovy beats of the 40s and 50s with a Jump Jive Band for your special event. The humour and high energy of the classic jump jive hits will surely make your wedding or function something to remember for a very long time.

Sade is a music superstar and the greatest selling female British singer in history. That is saying a lot. Sade is actually a band and Helen Adu is the vocalist in the band. The band includes: Stuart Matthewman on guitar and saxophone, Paul Spencer Denman on bass and Andrew Hale on keyboards. They were with Sade when she was in college in a band called Pride. Some of Sade’s songs have that funky guitar and bass sound. The band continues to sell out concerts around the world. Sade remains popular after more than 25 years.

Teen boys love candy; all kinds of candy. Head over to a grocery store and pick out some of his favorites so he can have them on Christmas morning. If you want, you can also head to a specialty candy store in the mall. They have a lot of different flavors and types for you to pick out. Just be sure to try to avoid things that melt, especially if you’re going to be out and about on Christmas.

Anwar Marshall is an outstanding jazz drummer. He is a fixture in Philadelphia’s happening jazz scene. Guy Russell provides additional vocals and percussion. He has played sessins for Boys II Men and Michael Sembello. Johnny Ingram also adds his vocals he also toured with the Funk Brothers. Ingram is a well known drummer, singer, and songwriter on his own. Dr. Trineice Robinson also adds her vocals to the project. Before her teaching days she was a well known session singer working with Chubby Checker and Luther Vandross.

Speaking of newspapers, the Mercury News’ Andrew Gilbert in previewing the series spoke with Mingus’ widow, Sue. Her thoughts on the man and his music are illuminating.

Jude Law as Dickie Greenleaf steals the movie while a toothy and bespectacled Damon, though he does a fine job, seems more a witness than participant in the first part of movie. Tom is always trying to ingratiate himself with Dickie while Dickie often shows his complete disdain for him, calling him spooky, creepy, and a leech. Tom openly admits to his idol that he forges, lies, and does impersonations. Later, of course, he becomes Dickie for a time. Tom reads too much sexual meaning into some of Dickie’s actions.

Judging it as a movie apart from a novel adaptation, it is extremely effective with a brilliant conclusion in which Malkovich at his wife’s harpsichord concert proves by his silences what a fine actor he is.