I remember a time, as I am sure many of you have, back in high school (for some of us, way back in high school), that being popular was the “in thing”. The popular kids seemed to get the breaks, the perks, the girls (or attention from the guys for you ladies).

If not, then you will, and soon. And if you’d like to be step ahead (which would be very emotionally intelligent of you) you might want to start right now.

A scavenger hunt of this sort is a good way to foster emotional intelligence in your children. Many children grow up in a home where feelings are not discussed and spend a lifetime trying to learn how to share their feelings. However, teaching them at an early age that emotions are precious and must be treasured sets your child on the right track for relationships in the future.

First of all, remember that you are not a bad person. There is nothing wrong except for the fact that you want to be even better. The people who take the time to improve themselves are the most successful because they are the ones that care about who they are and have real goals in mind. So, never beat yourself up for wanting to make changes to your life, especially if the changes are for the better.

Fast forward to today and the internet generation. There is a term floating out there called Web 2.0. No it is not the latest version of some technology tool crafted by Microsoft. The term is used to describe the direction the internet has moved to and that is social networking.

positive parenting and Leadership – You like social interactions, meeting new people. You can easily connect with other people. You are considered a leader it’s even better.

Of course it affected all of their relationships, including their romantic ones. They often tried to numb their resulting pain and loneliness with addictions-workaholic, overeating, gambling, drugs, tobacco, or alcohol.

Make sure you hang out in lot of clubs or pubs with friends where your ex is present. Enjoy a lot and flirt with others to make her/him jealous. Your ex will surely return back to you. Never give up hope while doing something good in life.