It is not unusual to be referred to Pilates by your physiotherapist when suffering with a bad back. Many Physiotherapists recognise the effectiveness of Pilates when it comes to strengthening the back, core and muscles surrounding the spine.

Walking a basic exercise: It is a known fact that walking is considered as the best exercise for health. You should know that walking is the most helpful way to burn up the unwanted calories. You should know that walking is the cheapest way to keep yourself fit. This is because walking does not require any exercising tools. You just need a best pair of shoes, in case you are willing to start the walking exercise.

There are a selection of on line diets that provide a “chat” page, where you could correspond on the internet with people in a comparable circumstance as your self. I personally have created quite a network of friends through using this method and it has been exciting to check out their improvement. Remember “If they can do it, so can you”.

The second thing you have to do is to change your lifestyles. Yes, this is very important especially when your lifestyle leads to overweight. Too much weight on the body puts strain on the back muscles and you need to shed the excess fats in order to avoid back pain. Changes you have to do are to start engaging your body in exercises, eating diets that contain less amount of cholesterol, and avoiding smoking.

Standing in a normal position place the index finger of which ever hand you feel is best in your tummy button. OK this sounds a bit weird but is only to teach you by touch which muscles to flex and by how much. Once you learn the process you can do the exercise sitting. Now the first thing to do is relax your stomach muscles -with your finger still in place.

Thus, when standing, sitting, sleeping or lifting an object from the ground, you should try and maintain the correct posture. You can consult a massage cape town southern suburbs to teach you these postures.

When I am working I ask my patients do they do Pilates. I have heard so many say they tried, it but it did not do them any good. These are the classes that are not teaching their pupils about Pilates they are only giving follow the leader classes. Horse Riders are in this category, you need to learn Pilates and apply it to your riding not just follow a leader doing exercises.

All of these muscle symptoms can be avoided. All these injuries and loss of training time can be solved by one major thing. CORRECT EXECUTION OF EXERCISES.