Some feel that there should be only minimal intervention into the rights of the individual from the government, and yet so many of our laws do intervene. For most of these, we do not complain. And why? Well, the point of these laws is still to maximize freedom. Let us take, as a starting example, something rather obvious.

A conforming loan is a loan that falls within the borrowing limits set out by various quasi-Police state agencies such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Both of these entities are charged with facilitating homeownership for low to moderate income Americans. They do this buy guaranteeing or buying mortgages from lenders who work with the relevant income profile people. Essentially, they significantly limit or eliminate the risk for the lender.

We MUST rise up and form a People’s Tribunal to remove our current elected leaders and hold them accountable for the treasonist actions they are committing. Please stand up and be counted as an American who has had enough of this Washington arrogance. If we don’t act what will the consequences be? Are you just going to sit there and have your freedoms slowly eroded away and the money you work for taxed into nothinness? Is this what you want? Will you just sit by and let this happen?

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If you’ve ever sat in one of these queues, only to have some tired, bored individual attempt to wade their way through the ever increasing complexity of products and services offered by some of todays online trading companies, you’ll appreciate where I’m coming from. Many companies will farm out the most important interface between customer and supplier to an overseas company. Who records the issues that go unresolved and is anything ever done about them?

The British version of 60 minutes, The Big Story, showed the trail of drug smuggling and gun running that led to the door of the White House. It exposed the blundering government coverups spanning seven investigations and some long frustrating years. The show revealing the cocaine connection was immediately banned in the USA within hours of its release.

That we are all equal, not merely the wealthy. Not merely those born in a position of privilege (and I include myself in that category). That we must have freedom and the ability to pursue happiness – both of which are interfered with deeply by the current workings of Capitalist society.

Whatever activity you choose to do, whether being a part of a social group or staff of Denver summer concert, make sure your summer is worth remembering, fun-filled and a learning experience.