If you’re a new dog owner, pregnancy in dogs is often somewhat overwhelming. In the event your dog is pregnant and you would like to know the best way to look after her, make sure you read below.

Know your environment. A big Dog may be perfect for the home with a large fenced yard in the country and a big family who wants to share in all the joys and duties that come with pet ownership. A large dog, on the other hand, may not be appropriate for an 800 square foot apartment on the 10th floor in a major metropolitan center. If you live in a rental unit, will your landlord accept pets? Are there any restrictions on types of What Can I Give My Dog to Increase Appetite in your community association bylaws? Are their places to walk your dog?

There are various reasons why we all want a guard dog in our household. A well trained guard dog is a valuable family member who will work the extra mile just to protect the family members/housemates and possessions. Bringing a guard dog at home entails a whole lot of responsibility though.

However, there are times that a dog does very unusual things especially when his owner is leaving him. Dogs usually act like a small child such as making noise, behaving unusually and breaking some things in your house unconsciously. As a human being, you might probably think that it is normal for a dog to act like these because it just wants to be playful or it missed you. Maybe sometimes it’s just like that, but in case that it frequently happens, you can consider it not normal anymore. Some studies show that several dogs are suffering from separation anxiety just like most people do.

Leading dog health author Ann M Martin says “Most commercial dog foods are garbage”. Commercial dog food companies use preservatives to increase shelf life and therefore increase profits. Preservatives found in commercial dog foods can cause kidney failure resulting in early death of your canine. Commercial Dog Appetite foods contain at least six dangerous chemicals banned from human foods as preservatives because they are known to have caused kidney cancer, liver cancer, skin cancer, immune system collapse, blindness, chronic diarrhea, hair loss and aggressiveness. Knowing this would you still feed your beloved canine these commercial dog foods?

Teach your dog to stay on his “place” while your family is having dinner. His place can be a dog bed, area rug, or his open crate. If you insist on feeding your dog table scraps be sure to wait until you are done eating and then go over and give them to him while he’s on his place or out of his dog bowl. This will help prevent him from embarrassing you and begging from your mother-in-law.

There are some drugs that can help stimulate a cat’s appetite including Diazepam (Valium). Other drugs to ask your vet about are Periactin (generic name Cyproheptadine), Serax (generic name Oxazepam) and Dalmane (generic name Flurazepam). All have potential side effects so it’s important to talk with your vet.