If you’re like the dozens of other uncertified pharmacy technicians in the U.S. you’re probably already thinking about going through an official certification. After all, passing the exam will make you an official pharmacy technician, you’ll be able to increase your responsibilities at work which will in turn give you a better salary and make you feel great for doing good work.

When taking the test, there is a tutorial at the beginning. SKIP IT. If you skip the test you will give yourself 5 more, extra minutes for your test. I was given 120 minutes for the test, 5 minutes for the tutorial, and 5 minutes for the survey. In all I was given 130 minutes for the test because I skipped the tutorial and I didn’t have enough time to take the survey.

Medical pharmacy technician career also offer competitive salaries. Health care is the most essential need our society has. Even though technology has made our lives easier, nothing can replace a human based health care system. As people live longer and more babies are born every day, the strain on the health care system grows. Because of this high demand for health care professionals, salaries are very competitive. This high demand also offers a lot of job stability.

The training cost will vary depending on the program or school. However, you can reasonably expect prices to be anywhere from $400 to $3,000. This variance in cost can depend on whether online classes or in classroom classes options are chosen and also the quality of the program itself.

Meanwhile, the phone keeps ringing, the fax keeps trilling, the drive-thru keeps dinging, and the people are lining up at the register. Pharmacies are always notoriously understaffed. They base their technician hours only on the number of prescriptions filled. They do not take into consideration, the number of pick-ups we have, the number of important questions (Where are the rest rooms? Where would I find hair dye? Is acetaminophen as good as Tylenol?), which we must answer, the number of complaints (The rest room is filthy. Why don’t you have the sale items you advertise? Can I get a rain check?) we have to deal with, or the insensitivity of people who insist on bringing their full carts to our register to avoid standing in line up front.

A. The pharmacy technician school environment is quite often a place where a passionate group of people enjoy what they do. It is great to work in an atmosphere where people are strong-minded, but humble in sharing a common love for pharmacy and its value to patients.

Unless requested, it’s a common mistake to mail a resume as a word document. Unfortunately, formatting issues can occur when the document opens on another person’s computer. PDF format insures your document will have a universal appearance no matter who opens it.

If you still have a large number of schools left on your list at this point, you can contact the school to ask for the contact information on some of the customer testimonials. From here, you can contact these people to ask them additional questions to make sure their school is right for you. Usually, this extra step can help leave you with the right choice or a couple of choices to consider.