Stage 3 – High-powered four-cylinder turbo boxer for the next generation WRX. While the final engine capacity has not been decided yet, the consensus inside Subaru is leaning towards downsizing and tweaking the BRZ’s FA20 2.0-liter unit into a 1.6-liter turbo featuring new lean-burn technology.

3million- That’s the total number of vehicles sold in the first half year of 2012! There has been a 14.8 percent rise in car sales since last year. This sale can be attributed to many factors like car manufacturers are pushing for car sales. Even European auto makers consider the American market profitable. They are vying for higher sales in America because of problems in their economy. With this new development, you can get newer car models and better incentive programs. Also, easy flow of credit has played a major role.

Engine: Does the engine start well? Is the exhaust free of lots of smoke? Does the engine run well? Does it idle smoothly? Is the engine free of noises? Does the engine have power for good acceleration? If no. The engine may need tune-up work or more serious repairs, which may indicate a worn engine. Be cautious if the seller says that it just needs a tune-up because this should have been a part of the regular maintenance of the car.

Not so the supply of cars on your corner used car lot. We probably saw 750,000 of them go from the road to the scrap heap. If even three-quarters of these were cars that could have been resold (and a review of a lot of those stories suggest it is the case), we have taken a half-million or more vendita auto palermo out of service.

Test the steering. Try turning a fairly tight circle in an empty parking lot. Turn both directions. You don’t need to go fast, you just need room to complete the turn. This will show up power steering squeaks, clunks in the steering linkage, as well as help you determine if you like the feel of this car. Note that cars with rack and pinion steering don’t have as tight a turning radius as cars with a steering box. Can you live with the way this car turns?

Asking the right questions can make or break the relationship you are trying to build with your customer. Salespersons that stand around with other salespersons and are unavailable to customers never make the sales. Look at your top earner: does he or she stand around with no contact with clients? In order to get their trust and their sale, you have to have a line of communication open. Ask about who the vehicle is for, what business they are in, and if the car will be used for business or pleasure. This will not only help you find out about qualifying information such as credit and price ranges, but will help you to guide the client to the car they want.

It is important to keep the maintenance cost of the car in the picture as well. A car which is priced low but requires lots of maintenance is not a feasible option. Try to select a car that requires minimal maintenance. Keeping the above mentioned tips in mind, you will surely be able to select the right car for yourself.