San Antonio is a short three hour drive from San Antonio is you drive the speed limit. I usually cut about half an hour from there. It is the perfect weekend getaway within driving distance from Houston for adults or for a family friendly mini vacation. While driving down IH-10, stop in Flatonia for some barbecue because you can’t beat it and it breaks up the monotony of a rather uneventful and not very attractive drive. But, once you get there, San Antonio has a variety of fun things to do and it really is a pretty city. The Riverwalk is the ideal place for the adults to roam. I particularly enjoy doing a pub crawl along the Riverwalk and then stopping to eat at one of the many restaurants that may strike me at the time.

4) Do not allow the fact that you can leave this timeshare to one of your children be a buying factor. Let’s hope the better for our kids, I mean some of these resorts take a life insurance policy out on you for $100,000.00 so if you were to pass on your children would get to keep the time share and the resort keeps the $100,000.00. You will be better off if you took out your own policy and allowed your children to decide what to do with the time share.

A common problem that car owners run into is having a battery that is either dead or not working properly. As common as it is, this problem is not as cheaply fixed as one would like. This results from the fact, as usual, that you have to pay someone to replace a battery for you if you don’t know how to do it yourself, which always results in greatly increased costs. Or, if your battery is fine, your tires will certainly require attention at some point, since either normal wear and tear or a jagged pothole or wayward nail will cause them to be ruined.

A: We cannot sell a timeshare if more money is owed on it than what you would receive for it after closing costs and commissions are paid without you coming up with the cash difference (usually a bad idea). How much did you pay for it? How much do you owe?

One of the weekend getaways in Oxford Canadians can boast about is the Tundra Buggy Lodge. This is actually a mobile lodge that takes guests out to the where you can see the polar bears waking up out of the snow. This Buggy Lodge sets up right there in Tundra and you will be able to spend a weekend with the polar bears up close and personal. Be sure to take plenty of film for you camera because this is going to be one trip you will never forget.

It comes in the sedan, wagon, coupe and convertible body styles with many engine options. The interior Weekend getaways is luxurious but subtly is evident. Extra attention is paid to the comfort of the driver and his ease for involvement with the car is given importance. The materials used are of premium quality and its finish is extraordinary, delivering much more than expected. It is the flag bearer of the compact luxury-sport class. What gives the car its brilliant appeal are its very well balanced vehicle dynamics, abundant but controlled power, wide range of configurations tailored to your requirements and all wheel drive to remove any obstacle in your journeys.

For a romantic weekend getaway in Michigan, Mackinac Island, with its Victorian charm, is the place to be. Located in Lake Huron, the island is less than four square miles, most of which is part of the Mackinac Island State Park.

No matter what kind of a last minute getaway you’re looking for, make sure to leave your stress behind and make a solid effort at truly relaxing with the one you love. Sometimes taking a simple weekend break can change the way you feel come Monday morning, cheer you up if you’re blue, or reignite the romantic spark between you.