The real root of all evil is not money; it’s lack of self-acceptance. By the way, even the Bible doesn’t say it’s money. There it says the “love of money” and love as used in the proper translation would be “lust” or attachment – in other words, greed. This is where lack of self-acceptance comes into the conversation.

The bottom line is that you don’t have to be THAT busy all the time. Reflect on your state of “busy-ness” and step out of the Lk21. Start taking REAL action. Action Fact, not Action Fiction. Take control of your day and your life by thinking and planning what you want to accomplish, with less stress, less flurry and less drama.

Number two, I wanted their story to be as much as usual and relatable. I wanted it to be unusual. I wanted it to be not just from A to B. I wanted to be able to take some turns, so if you were going to propose, I wanted it to not be, I think I mentioned this before, a smooth relationship. I wanted it to be online drama a little rocky. I wanted to play with that rockiness.

Well, it’s not necessarily a cheerleading, do-gooder event. It’s just an intimate, the basic concept was to take something that it is traditionally intimate and making it public and public on steroids. It’s not only, did you do it in front of everybody, but the message is being conveyed along with a thousand strangers. And not only is there a thousand strangers, but there’s a thousand strangers singing and dancing. And not only is there a thousand strangers singing and dancing, but is being recorded and for a television special. So, it goes beyond your wildest dreams.

So yes this is an extension. This is like Fox has given me all the tools and the toys that I can’t afford to take on the road and can’t be part of my standup act, and this is my stand-up act plus “Glee” plus the reality TV plus hidden camera on steroids …

Because I think that’s the only real reality TV there is. I think when people aren’t expecting it, I think it’s the most relatable television there is, because you put yourself in that position. You put yourself in their shoes. How would you react to that?

In the event that trust has been damaged, it can take time to remedy it. Be willing to go the length to show him that you’re willing to put whatever you have into the romantic relationship this time around. If he is worth getting back, then you will be willing to improve the situation to make it happen.