As a young American living in this beautiful country, I am proud of that. Should be! Everybody else from different countries should feel the same way. Proud for a country that has stood up for human rights and its people, even though they really haven’t followed through lately.

That said, for people who are very technical, there is software that will locate dofollow blogs, but I’m not terribly technical and so it’s beyond my abilities and inclination. Apparently it involves using proxies and software called scrapebox, but I’ve never bothered. If this approach appeals to you, then I suggest researching it further.

It is important to take a new angle on the news. You do not want to blend into the thousands of other voices in the media whirlwind. If someone failed, point out ways they could have turned it into a success. If the story illustrates a point you’ve been making, draw out the analogy. If a new idea is taking your area by storm, sound out about it.

With New topics everyday, size doesn’t always matter. If a blog has thousands and thousands of readers, that doesn’t mean it’ll be a slam dunk for you. Look at the comments section of the blog to see if people are actually providing feedback.

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Now imagine that other people (bloggers) start jumping in the pool, splashing around like idiots and start upsetting all the other people. And, these bloggers have absolutely nothing in common with the rest of us. In fact, some of these bloggers promote “unsavory” and even immoral practices and products! They have low or no page rank, traffic from God only knows where, and pretty soon…

Most times when I have music on and I am in the zone a combination of these four factors allows me to get a lot of inspiration. I can sit for hours at a time and write one after another article.