Reach far and wide but remember who your audience is. Keep in contact and engage all your contacts including tenants who become purchasers, who become sellers, who become investors who provide referrals and repeat business. But always keep in your mind who your audience is and what they are looking for. It has to be relevant to keep them interested. Ensure there are articles or links to articles in each edition that relate to each of your subscriber segments so they will find at least one article of interest (eg: buying, renting, investment).

If you want a more sophisticated system, you could try a free cloud based CRM system. You can easily upload your existing contacts spreadsheet onto these systems. The advantage these is that as well as being able to access anywhere you can get onto the internet, they offer a range of marketing tools that you might find useful – sales pipeline management and forecasting, forecasting revenue and producing reports. Free CRM integrated are a good way to try them out before you start spending money and it’s usually simple to upgrade to a better version if you like the one you’ve tried.

Referral programs can be set up to run on their own as can many other things. There are so many automated systems available now on the internet that is becoming easier to give great value to customers and improve your service. A newsletter is a great way to do this and gives you an opportunity to keep in touch with clients and let them know of developments and things of benefit and interest. The best thing of all is that now you can run a newsletter through email and have it go to your whole client list at the push of one button.

A software CRM can be categorized into two types i.e. generic and customized CRM. A customized CRM can take thousands of dollars to develop and will also require that the company hire a software company to design and implement something which is specifically tailored to your business. The upside besides the expense it the fact that the system will specifically be tailored to the needs of your business so you can be assured of the fact that it will work well with any existing systems you may be using. However, because of the expense this option is only reserved with businesses especially the larger ones who have a huge budget to work off.

Collect email addresses as well as mailing information by offering a contest and put it right on the forms or the draw box that you will be emailing them and that their contact information will not be sold to anyone else. These leads are your pay off! You now have permission to use the phone, crm software with gmail integration or even a card sending system to communicate with them after the trade show. You will make way more sales after the event if you have a decent method of following up.

“Filing” is also a non-negotiable fact of life. The creative challenge is to continually get our low-level tasks handled with the least amount of fuss and labor. Yes, the papers in your office have a life of their own, and when you go home in the evening, they rearrange themselves into unsightly and disorganized piles. The task at hand is twofold: get over your surprise, dismay, and your wish to have it be otherwise, and just deal with it.

A web based system is easier to try out than an installed one. You can subscribe and unsubscribe at any point. If you are considering a web based CRM, you should research what is available and find a system that works for your needs.