If there is anything that fascinates Indian women apart from makeup, cooking and shopping; it has to be knitting and embroidery. Women of all ages enjoy this unique art form and practice it whenever they get time. Do you have a desire to learn embroidery as well? It’s pretty easy and all you need is a few essential embroidery items to begin with. The essential embroidery supplies required for practicing embroidery are mentioned below.

The first component I look for in a great knitting needle is the material that it is made out of. The type of material you want to use really depends upon your skill level. Bamboo is a great choice for beginners, as it really hugs the yarn when you’re knitting, so you will not drop as many stitches. For advanced beginners through very advanced knitters, I recommend needles made out of metal, nickel or brass. The Addi Turbo needle is my favorite, because it is made from nickel and brass, so the yarn to slide very easily from one needle to the other. This can dramatically improve the speed of your knitting.

The origins of knitting are hard to trace but there are several theories. Some people believe that New products every week started in Persia, others that it started in Israel, Jordan and Syria. Still others believe that it started in the mountains of North Africa, or even Japan or China. Some people believe that knitting grew out of the knitting of fish-nets by men.

Another plus with hand knitting services is flexibility. You can easily adjust your stitches in the middle of a row whereas with a machine, you will need to drop all the stitches you want purled and work them back up. Hand knitting also allows you to see your work as you knit along. With a machine, you can only see the wrong side of the pattern.

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Knitting Board: Knitting boards are made up of two parallel rakes that are connected to one another. Knitting boards can be used to create fabric that’s finished on both sides, meaning the purl side (wrong side) will be hidden between the two knitted sheets. Gauge on knitting boards can be adjusted by altering the width between the rakes. The distance between each of the pegs also affects the gauge.