After having conversations with tons of men, I’m going to let you in on some secrets to help you get your man or any man you want to be more romantic with you.

Bear in mind to take your partner’s wants into consideration. Maybe Mumbai Escort just isn’t in your to-do list at the moment. But, it may be at the top of one’s partner’s list. Be open to the suggestions of one’s partner. A relationship will easily fall into the gutter when a person can’t make time for their spouse. We all lead busy lives, however it makes a massive distinction if you place your schedule aside for the spouse even if it’s just to hold onto a lingering kiss.

For example: If you keep nagging your man to want you more or be more romantic towards you, it is because you truly feel powerless and that you are not deserving of him being more romantic with you. If you felt you were deserving, you wouldn’t nag. What you would do instead is to take responsibility for your happiness then you would find ways to inspire him instead of nagging him.

This TV series debuted in 1974. It was a landmark event for black women everywhere. Why? Because for once a smart, sexy and courageous black woman starred in her own TV show. Detective Christie Love was great at catching the bad guys and bad girls using her wit and brawn. She was a class act. She was also a role model for black women then and still is today because she proves that we don’t have to act ignorant in order to succeed in life (and on TV).

The third is to make sure your home is in good repair. Fixing leaky plumbing is a powerful Feng Shui wealth cure. Your home’s interior is a reflection of you, so a healthy home means a healthy chi.

It’s a Wonderful Life: This Christmas movie is a true Christmas classic. It’s a Wonderful Life stars Jimmy Stewart as George Baily as an average Joe who is feeling sorry for himself so he wonders what the world would be like if he didn’t exist. He gets his wish and he realizes that his life is great and that he has a wonderful life. It’s a Wonderful Life makes my my top 10 Christmas movie list because this move has the message of love and not taking what we have for grated. Also, this film shows is that everyone is important. This is also my favorite Jimmy Stewart film.

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