It can be mind numbingly boring searching through the huge amounts of online legal sites. If you’re searching for the most precious ones that have the best, most current information, there is a quick easy way to locating them.

Sites like ehow pay good money for posts monthly. A person just submits the posts once and is compensated on a monthly basis ranging between $100 and $150. The content should match up with what people search for the most on search engines; this creates a flow of people reading your articles and you’re paid a commission per view.

It can help to host ads on your articles. However, this will not make sense if your blog has ads even before it has generated a substantial amount of traffic. If you have too many ads on your blog when it is fresh, the readers can get annoyed and leave the site.

Offer advertisement on your blog. You can earn additional cash with the excess space on your blog. Offer paid ads on your blog’s additional space to advertisers or you can be a part of affiliate marketing. These online blogs money making efforts are rather common to bloggers and so take the chance in implementing it as well. If you have your own products or services to sell, a simple plug on your blog would not hurt.

Never launch a blog with fewer than 5 articles. In the blogosphere you typically get just one shot at impressing a visitor or fellow blogger. Too many new bloggers throw up two articles and then start working on promotion. In the world of blogging, you’re selling yourself and your writing.

Sit down 1 hour a week and brainstorm on what to blog about next week, don’t worry in case you eventually change the topics but using a list of idea topics will enable you to stay focus. How to and list subjects work the best e.g How to conduct an online shop or 10 ways to run an online store.

And don’t forget to tweet out the link as soon as you post something on your site. Twitter is an amazing promotional tool whereby almost anything goes. And remember to be responsive to RTs (ReTweets on Twitter ), SHARES on Facebook and comments in blogs. The more responsive you are, the more friends you make. Bear in mind, friends is a really major thing when it comes to promoting a blog.