You’ve probably seen the footage. The damsel tied to the railroad tracks with the mustacheoed evildoer standing by laughing maniacally as the damsel screams for help.

So what’s the difference in those three and the others that gave up? Want in on a little secret? ( Oooh – secrets!) They made themselves accountable. That’s it. Not exactly earth shattering is it? They took on a coach. Now that coach is not an amazing motivational speaker. No big national star registry. But they are accountable to him. (unfortunately it wasn’t me!) He also got their family involved. Now things are a little different. No sneaking that extra snack. No slipping outside for a ‘quick smoke’. Now they have to answer to someone else and that’s makes a world of difference.

Pro Flowers offers an exotic Valentine’s Day gift bouquet of Pink Ribbon Lillies for $44.99. A lovely alternative to the traditional bouquet of red roses, plus 10% of the price is used as a donation to Komen for the Cure. So you get to make your special lady happy and give to a worthy cause for Valentine’s Day.

“Whaddaya think you’re doing,” roared a raspy bass voice. Clarissa found herself nose-to-nose with a gorilla which slowly resolved itself into a large, dirty man. Her camera slid from her shoulder and she only just caught it in the crook of her elbow.

2) Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon – This movie is important in so many ways. This was the first time many American viewers saw the likes of Chow Yun-Fat, Michelle Yeoh, and Zhang Ziyi. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon also introduced us to Ang Lee and his superb directing style. Aside from winning the Oscar for Best Foreign Film this movie was nominated for 9 other Oscars during the 73rd annual festival. Also more importantly, Wo Ping Yuen was introduced behind the scenes. He was the fight choreographer for this movie and almost every movie you like to watch with cool fight sequences in it. Kill Bill, The Matrix movies, Unleashed, Black Mask… Just to name a few.

Manny Pacquiao is a boxing star that dominates the headlines even if he doesn’t win the round. The popular celebrity isn’t thinking about boxing at the moment and it’s worrying the fans. As the only boxer to win eight different weight classes is in the middle of campaign season, the last thing he is thinking about is throwing a punch in the ring. On Wednesday the star talked briefly to The Philippine Star but didn’t want to discuss boxing at all.

“Excuse me for a moment, unless you’d like to join us,” whispered Antonio. She shook her head, declining the invitation. He and Harvey walked over to the group.

Your dad can become a Scottish Laird. The Kincavel Estate of Scotland sells land certificates. As a land owner, you become a Laird. This is a great gift for the Power Dad.