This won’t make me popular around Boston, but it needs to be said: I am from Florida, and I am a Rays fan. If it’s any consolation to all you Sox fans, I was in agony throughout game 7 too. But after a great ALCS, we now have the least likely World Series matchup possible with Tampa Bay and Philadelphia going at it tomorrow night.

Blogs are very simple content sites where short articles are listed one after the other on the home page. They are usually used to write about current events or comment on news.

Try to post to your blog regularly although there is no defined rules when it comes to posting frequency. The most important factor is that you hobby on a consistent schedule whether you’re posting once a week or on a daily basis.

Volleyball: This sport I played during both of my pregnancies, all the way up to eight months. The calories you burn are up to you. I myself do not throw my body all over the place during a game, nor do I care to play with those who do.

Two major factors that keep a company cutting edge and in front of your clients is content generation and the content distribution channels used. Content is considered news about projects your company has completed, contracts you have won, awards you have won, offers and promotions, articles you have written, new website launches, new products, and pretty much anything else deemed newsworthy. How will they know unless you tell them? Your potential clients are not visiting your site everyday to see what is new. It is your responsibility to tell them, and tell them often. This constant communication builds brand loyalty and creates a community of clients, not just a random encounter!

Find your most creative time for writing. It’s the first thing I do in the morning before I check my email, attend to my websites or get distracted by other tasks. Determine how long it will take to finish writing a 400 word article. I usually set aside 30 minutes then write the start time on a paper. Sometimes I go over 30 minutes because I need to do more research. Once you get started it’s easier to keep going.

Plan to spend 3-5 days working on each keyword or keyphrase. No one micro niche market will make you rich, or even pay the bills. But $100 per month for a keyword like this is VERY realistic, at it only took less than a week to set up. Set up 3 or 4 campaigns per month, and you’ve got $400 per month coming in from your micro niche marketing.

There are many free forum hosts out there that will let you have your very own forum. These sites usually have a high page rank and are slightly aged. These can provide good rankings and a link back from them usually does well.