Have you ever met the situation: You find an amazing YouTube video but cannot get it downloaded, so you just add the page to the bookmark, months later, there are dozens of pages which you never opened again. Once you collate them, you delete them all. Still, you don’t have the video.

Using Tooble is super easy in my experience. Load it up, and you’ll see a screen that looks like an iTunes or Apple email style program. Just a left sidebar and a wide open space on the right, along with the search bar. Since you opened Tooble looking for something in particular, simply type in what you want into the search bar, and Tooble spits out your results.

Music All Video Downloader can do you a favor of converting music video, and then save Justin Bieber music to iPod or any other portable device. Besides, you can also trim and crop your video, so that you can enjoy Justin Bieber music video with full screen.

Imagine it’s 1949 again and they’re discovering that there’s gold all over California. California in 1949 is like the rich information resources on the net right now. You’re going to learn how to mine every last bit of gold out of these resources and you’ll be left with a million dollar education.

Step 2, add files that you need to convert. Click Add File button to add files in mp4, avi, mpg .etc. formats which are not supported by your iPod. This Youtube Video Downloader converter for Mac can convert all of your files at one time which will save much time for you.

It is also quite common now to see advertising and other interactive marketing on the site. You could say that even marketers take advantage of the site and try to get free you tube views.

This is an all-in-one Mac Software for Portable Devices = DVD Ripper + Video Converter + Web Video Downloader + Screen Recorder + iPod Manager + Video Editor, etc, which could easily help to download videos from Youtube, Facebook, Movieclips, and other websites mentioned in the software.