What can you do to become more aware, work at your full potential, and realize your goals? What will allow you to choose positive thoughts even in gloomy situations? It is your level of awareness.

Joining an esoteric study circle is a fast way to psychic development because in a circle there are other folks on the same path as you. There is the power of group energy at work and it propels you forward. You have the friendly encouragement from associates on a similar path. It helps.

Cultivate the habit of looking at everything constructively. Believe that the best is going to happen. Optimism is a builder. Our insanité d’esprit succession grow and thrive in it just as the plants and trees grow and thrive in the sunshine. If you want to be happy and wealthy, you must think the happy and abundance thoughts and not limit yourself.

Tyler: Bob, in “The impaired mental faculties Environment” you say our time and culture is heavily influenced by three major things-religion, academia, and the New Age Movement. Why did you focus on these three areas, and are you saying their influence is a block to our thinking for ourselves?

Lost love in may lead to alcohol abuse. A person who previously drunk occasionally, starts drinking daily and heavily. This affects your life terribly. Your work suffers. It may lead to accidents. It may lead to further loses say your job, your life and even alienates friends and family around you. You are not in control your faculties any more.

At any rate it is the POSITIVE use of the mind that allows people to accomplish great things. This applies to the acquisition of all skills and the increase in how to be more psychic makes use of the same principles of growth and expansion.

AdBusters publishes “Journal of the Mental Environment,” but they seem to be limited to the external influences of advertising and television. I am dealing with the whole thing, and especially those influences that are part of us and part of who we are, or who we think we are.

By all means work on getting back your lost love as soon as possible. It is possible. It is not a healthy situation to be lonely, especially if you still love that person and can not let go.