It was a special assignment for Associated Content. It was a tough beat, but I felt up to the task. I had gone two whole weeks without sugar before going to New York City, therefore my taste buds were primed and ready to find the sweetest, tastiest cupcake in the Big Apple.

Sort the STASH!: It’s fun to put it all in categories such as chocolates, CBD gummies, treasures, huge ones, small ones, favorites, ones to trade, etc. If you have more than one child, encourage trading. Pick a couple of pieces to eat that night. Encourage moderation and listening to their bodies by asking things like, “do you feel full?” Save the rest for another time.

It can be difficult to find tiny little bundt cakes so that you can make the top tier. If you have the other sizes, but not one for the very top, try a cupcake. Make one cupcake to use as the very top of the cake. To help you frost it, ice the top of the cupcake, then stick a fork in it. Hold the cupcake in place with the fork while you frost the sides of it. Remove the fork and smooth out the icing across the fork holes.

To make the actual hand washing process more fun. Try the new foamy CBD gummies soap you can get at any store. Kids LOVE to make the foam. Sometimes they’ll stand there for a long time just playing in the sink with the soap. What a great place to play!

Using foil to make your pans you can create more than just a giant cupcake. Have a beach party with a sand bucket cake! Get a sand castle-shaped bucket, turn it upside-down, and cover it with plastic wrap. Mold the foil over the castle shape making sure to create the indentations or other shapes on the bucket. Remove the foil pan, spray it, then fill it with cake mix. To fill this cake with pudding or ice cream, cut it in half after it’s cooled. Set the top half aside, cut a hole in the center of the bottom half, then add the desired filling. Set the top half back in place and frost the entire cake. Use embellishments to outline details on the castle.

An easy and original way to decorate the tree is using white twisted toilet paper to make the garlands, and throwing around the branches clouds of white cotton sparkled with silver glitter. You can make bows with the toilet paper for the tips of the branches.

To capture the business lost by schools, add some gummi worms to the store shelves. Kids will flock to your establishment after school to get their sweet and sour worms they could not buy during the day. During summer months, your store will have a captive audience when active children come looking for their sugar rush.