The biggest problems for aspiring writers are getting noticed, getting recognition, and getting published. Many publications will not even accept work from newer writers if they have not been published before. Others put their nose up to writers if they have not earned any awards or any writing contests. How, then, are newer writers supposed to break into this exclusive “published authors” club if no one will give them a chance?

The market is exceptionally competitive which the editors have a wide selection of images to choose from. Yours need to have the extra wow factor to catch an editor’s eye. So concentrate on submitting only your best shots. Quality is everything as the editor already has quantity. The more sub-standard you submit the more will be rejected. It’s not a numbers game.

When you’re starting out, realize that you need writing credits. These are often called “clips” (because you’ve clipped an article you’ve written out of the newspaper or magazine which published it.) When magazines offer their guidelines for publication, they will tell you what clips they want to see.

Let’s pretend you’re at a bookstore featuring a generous magazine section. Here are seven simple steps you can take to generate dozens, even hundreds, of fresh ideas for viable home businesses.

Gather local and national get inspired to compare notes, by doing this you are getting a larger idea of what is available and how much it can cost. You can see how others plan weddings and may find something you would not have thought of before. You also get an idea of the cost of invitations, decorations and more in different areas to get a real deal on your wedding needs.

Health magazines for men also have a lot of benefits to the subscriber. For example, many offer comprehensive reviews of various products that the guy uses ever day. Soon, he’ll know which brand is better than the rest in a variety of categories. Also, many magazines have coupons and free samples in them. He’ll be the first to try new colognes and shaving creams, which every guy loves. Beyond those reasons, magazines are great for helping a guy get in shape and stay that way. From various cardio exercises to the different ways to beef up his arms, he’ll be in the know.

Understand the needs of your chosen market. If you’ve decided to submit your portfolio of vintage car images then you need to work out fast which ones are saleable. Know your area of expertise and which images you would potentially find in a vintage car magazine. If you have doubts, you can be sure the editor will have too. So find out what the market needs and supply the demand.

Playing games is a way of enjoying and having a great time (actually having a ball)! Gaming magazines make it possible to do so. If you want to gift something special for someone who is into games, go for gaming magazines. Go online, fill in the form, subscribe and that is all you have to do. So simple, yet so exciting for the receiver. I’m sure this will enhance the relationship between the two of you and add value to it. Gift them something that will remind them of you, especially when they get all excited about playing and ask them to PLAY ON!