What do trees, dogs, and us have in common? Give up? We all need water to survive, whether they get it from a water fountain, a rain cloud, or a water bowl. Without water our bodies do not function properly. Water makes up half of our body weight, and without it we cannot survive more than a few days. Why? Your body has lots of important jobs and it needs water to do many of them. For instance, your blood, which contains 60% of water, carries oxygen to all the cells of your body. Without oxygen, those tiny cells would die and your body will stop working properly.

Then there are the personal problems you face every day. It’s difficult to put on socks and tie shoe laces. Cutting your toe nails may be out of the question. You have great difficulty in getting into and out of the bath – or is that completely impossible now? Can you still reach to wipe your back end after using the toilet? It is very hard getting up out of a chair, especially an easy chair – and since you are too heavy to do much that is active, you spend a lot of time in that easy chair. This immobility is also contributing to your weight problem.

So let’s say that demineralized water you decided to jump into things and haven’t made an appointment. Alright, it’s not the best way to approach things, but at least make sure that you call the tattoo shop (the one you’ve selected after visiting several) to make sure it’s not a booked day. Beyond this, I’m going to assume that you’ve done your homework and made the appointment.

To give a measure of the quality of the teams competing in the final of the 4x100m relay, each of the teams achieved a National Record in their heats. France was hotly favoured to win.

Okay. So, you now get the idea that the quality of this drinking gedemineraliseerd water source is not so great. However, there is one more serious problem. It’s with the plastic bottle.

Overdue, but finally a bit of logical thinking entered my project. Consider the number of cubic feet of air in even a small bedroom. Every time the room temperature drops, the heating system provides more nice warm, but dry, air. Next, consider how many hours of the day are spent in the bedroom. The rest of the day we are outdoors or in an office or other environment where we have no control over humidity.

If your water pipes are made of copper or lead then do not use the hot water to either cook or drink with. When you cook your food always use clean filtered water. You can have a water filter connected to your tap or you can use clear filtered water from a bottle.