It’s not unusual for dogs not to eat their meal and leave the food untouched in their bowl. Although this is concerning for their owners, it’s not necessarily a sign of ill health, particularly if they are still bright and alert.

Nursery gliders are a terrific gift for a grandmother-to-be as well! She will want to spend time rocking and soothing her grandchild and a nursery glider gives her a way to do that. If you choose an upholstered one, she can integrate it into the furniture in her home without it sticking out as an obvious hand imprint kit accessory. You can even buy her a nursery glider built for two! They make chair and a half nursery gliders that would be perfect for grandmothers house. There are also chaise lounge nursery gliders for the ultimate in comfort and relaxation.

If you can wait until just a few days before Halloween, many stores discount costumes as much as 50%. Just be prepared that the costumes will be picked over.

Eel roll cost $5.50. I made myself buy this flavor not because I have a preference for it but because it sounded the strangest and I wanted to get a better idea of what different types of sushi taste like. I think this was my least favorite of the 3 flavors I tried. Maybe it’s just because I kept having thoughts of the movie, “Leviathan,” about a giant creature underwater.

Toe touches babys mark start with your back flat against the wall. Slowly bend at the waist and reach for your toes. You don’t actually have to touch them. Just bend as far as possibly to stretch the back muscles.

The weather can affect your dog’s appetite. If it is too hot, he might not feel like eating. He also may not need to eat as much because he doesn’t need to put energy into keeping warm.

Anyway, It looks really cute if you place you handles in about 4 inches from each edge and sew them on with a button. I place the ribbon on the diaper bag, a button on top of the end of the ribbon and then start sewing through the holes. If you don’t have any buttons you could still just sew your ribbon on to the homemade diaper bag.

If my post-feminist ramblings offend any readers out there (male or female), I should point out that the opinions expressed on this blog are not shared by Orange (although I suspect that they actually are).