Persuasive content on your website is the essential key to driving and attracting potential searchers to your site. People expect unique, timely, and relevant information. The fast loading content with clarity, is easy for the search engines to index. Mere keeping the content out of grammatical error, spelling mistakes is not sufficient. There are so many things that play important role in making the content unique, pertinent, and up-to-date.

According to a seminal web study by Jakob Nielson, 79% of web users scan Content instead of reading it. Just think about how you use web Content everyday. When you are looking up specific information, if it’s not on the page in front of you, you move on to the next one.

When I started writing online some time ago, I found I was being “proper” and “professional”. I still do this if I don’t remind myself because it’s the way I was wired at a young age. I was raised to be polite and respectful. What fun is that?

Is radio advertising still relevant at all? Listeners to online radio stations are choosing ad-free paid-for subscriptions. It’s clear that advertising is irrelevant to them. It’s interesting that a medium commercially optimized to deliver advertising messages to prospects is now shunning this model in its online content reincarnation.

As an added bonus, here is another piece of advice: Don’t do all the talking! Make sure you are adding in ample time to listen to what your customers are actually saying!

We don’t have too many real kings left in the world, but when it comes to website design and operation “content is king” has been the slogan for many years. Some have tried to downplay the importance of content, but as Google algorithms change in favor of strong content that is reader-friendly, things always swing back around to the high importance of content.

If you are going to use this method, try to make you blog around a popular theme which will get lots of visitors and hopefully lots of clicks. Once you have finished creating one blog, you can make another one on a different topic. Once you have 10+ blogs the income can be pretty awesome.