Divorce can be ugly no matter how you approach it. On the list of life’s most stressful events divorce ranks number two after the death of a spouse. Separation ranks third. The news doesn’t get better: 50% of all first marriages fail, 67% of all second marriages are terminated. Staggering statistics. Add the drama of high profile people and you have the kind of story they could use to make a movie. These ten couples divorcing have definitely been in the spotlight.

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Call it “hot fun in the summertime” love, but model and wife Brandi Glanville wasn’t having it. She took the couple’s two children and left Cibrian when she got news of the affair. Rimes left her husband just a few days later. The smitten pair were out in public together just two weeks after all of that drama transpired. Scandalous! (See photos of the once happy couple, Eddie and Brandi here).

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