Delhi is the capital of India. It is an important place for politics, diverse culture and a vital place of business and trade. It is the heart of India. Delhi is situated at the bank of Yamuna. It is a city of Mughal art and architecture. The summers are very hot and winter is too cold with heavy showers in monsoon.

In August 1990, I came back to my home in Punjab. I tried every doctor. But every doctor told me same thing, Muscular Dystrophy has no cure in the world. I also remained one month in PGI Chandigarh. But reply was same. There is no cure of Muscular Dystrophy in Medical Science in the World.

The bikes are however slightly on the higher end but the style, comfort, the particular thundering sound, the powerful performance and unmatched quality justifies the price. The royal Enfield has many top selling bikes and many of them have become huge success in India. These bikes have received a huge response from youngsters. One can confirm this from the fact that a large number of bikes have come and gone from the market, while Bullet has not only sustained itself but has increased its share in the market. The Royal Enfield bike price starts from Rs. 85,824 approximately to Rs. 1, 16,321 approximately. Five most popular bikes are the Royal Enfield Bullet Machismo 500, the Thunderbird kick start, the Thunderbird self start, the Royal Enfield Bullet Electra and the Bullet Electra 5S.

Another great bike is the union of the Thunderbird and the standard Bullet; this is the Machismo 346cc bike that has beautifully crafted chrome petrol tank with standard fitment. You get windshield and also leather saddlebags, but are optional. This bike would cost around Rs. 1.057 lakhs.

Two years minus the last decade of the millennium, Amitabh Bachchan had made his comeback to Bollywood with a monster hit Shahenshah and was looking on to make history with Agneepath in the years to come.

There is no doubt that army life is tough. You will need to wake up early in the morning and lead a lifestyle which will hone you to give your best on and off the field. Army jobs force you to stay away from your family but with people, who care a lot for you. Discipline, toil, sweat and patriotism are undeniable characteristics of the Army Rally Bharti 2019.

To overcome the problem of transportation and to save time a Narrow Gauge railway line was laid. The railway track extended for a distance of 32 km with its own set of locomotives and wagons. The Madras Sappers or the Madras Engineers helped a lot in the construction of the Railway line and other requirements. Finally the army crossed all the plains, farmlands, plateaus and hills and landed at the mountain of Magdala. This was the site where the battle took place.

Much water has flown down the river and the Raj is now history. But the role of the Sikhs in the service of the British Indian army will live for ever. India is independent and the Sikh regiments are now part of the Indian army. But what can never be erased is the role, bravery and loyalty of the Sikh soldiers which is a golden page in the military history of India. Sir Winston Churchill openly expressed his gratitude to the Sikhs. It is an emotional thought that will live for ever.