Canada always figures in the list of countries best to live in for singles because it has all the amenities and conveniences that any single person would like to have. Add to that the diversity anywhere you choose to stay. You’ll have the world at your fingertips in this country, fabulous people, cultural exchange and career advancement.

Chinese immigrants, who helped built this temple, used to come here and present their disputes such as thefts, debts and other misunderstandings. What better god to judge over disputes that one who is known for his righteousness? Of course, the real judgement itself comes from the elderly of this court, and once it is passed, it is cast in stone.

Each of us creates our own personal version of reality based on our beliefs. Whenever we change our beliefs our reality changes. In the personal development world, the goal is to remove those beliefs that are constraining our potential. Remove the belief and you can to borrow a phrase; “be all that you can be”. But let me pose this question, if you were to remove every limiting belief you know of, would you be all that you can be? I don’t think so.

Like all big gods, Guan Di has a feast of his own. The feast of Guan Di falls on the 24th day of the sixth month in the Chinese calendar. This feast is pretty elaborate, and you can see steamed rice cakes, roast pigs, oranges and flowers being offered. There is also lion dance and musical troupes performances.

This Odin and Wolves Orgone Ond Generator provides you with all three. The orgone ond generator is the power source itself. The picture of Odin and his Wolves on the bottom is the symbol (you want to attract Odin). It is your intention to invite Odin’s energies and presence into your blot.

On the pillars are magnificent sculptors of white dragons. Dragons feature extensively in Chinese architecture, literature and folktales. While in weird European events, the dragon is considered evil, the Chinese dragon represent potent and auspicious powers. Look at the claws. This one is a five-clawed dragon, the highest in dragon hierarchy. Other dragons have four or three claws. So if you’re wondering how powerful a dragon is, count the number of claws.

The divine pair is kept hidden in the temple, but every year, the sword is brought out so that worshippers can touch and lift this very heavy 59-kilogramme weapon for good luck and protection. The sword is said to have special powers, and if you lift it three times, you will be protected. Provided if you have a pure and righteous heart. Modern day swords are still being used in Wushu, a traditional form of martial arts, but they weigh much less. But during the Qing dynasty, military examinations require aspiring soldiers to carry swords of different weights- 48, 60 or 72 kilogrammes to be exact.

Oh, and by the way, should you like a little light music to accompany this article, I recommend Edith Piaf singing “Autumn Leaves”, in both Johnny Mercer’s English and Jacquec Prevert’s French. It is superbe. You’ll find it in any search engine. Do it now before the falling leaves have all drifted past your window…