Perhaps, you are thinking about how to win your ex back. Well, there are many ways you can do so. But generally, it can be divided into the good ways and not so good ways.

The next step in learning how to win back an ex girlfriend is by avoiding any kind of contact with her. You have already accepted the break up so might as well break up from her completely. Do not call her, send a mail, and most especially, do not visit her. However, you are only doing this so that you will have the time to be away from each other and think about the relationship without any tension and pressure. Through this strategy, you are also giving her the chance to miss you.

This resets the meter in her mind, so to talk. As soon as you turn around and turn back, most individuals consider this to become a fresh begin in a discussion. It’s a unusual loop-hole in online psychological counselling.

Very well then, I am a man of sixty-three, rather robust in size and with auburn hair, what’s left of it. I wear glasses. Until five years ago, I lived in St. Paul, Minnesota, where I had a few different positions, a psychologist for the Federal Government Prison system, and an entrepreneur-of a small sort, and a poet and writer of a small stature. I am married to a Peruvian woman, and have moved to Lima-although I am still a resident of Minnesota for the most part. And have adopted an abandoned Quail. We named her after the preacher that brought her to us, homeless, and have since put her in our house garden, her name being, Marcelina. She has in a way of speaking, a quiet form of smiling at one, as though to say…we may go into that later.

Give up on blame. Give up on your need to blame others for what you have or don’t have, for what you feel or don’t feel. Stop giving your powers away and start taking responsibility for your life.

Do you become obsessed with fixing and rescuing needy people? Codependents are more oriented to other people’s reality than their own; they want to be someone else’s savior which makes them feel happier about themselves.

There’s an old saying that “Winners never cheat and cheaters never win.” There’s a lot of truth in that old proverb. If your spouse has lied to you, the trust you once had has been destroyed and that is extremely challenging to rebuild. I hope these few words help you to build and maintain a quality relationship so that you can marry well the second time and never go through divorce again.