Well, for starters, there is the most obvious one – you would be able to lean back in your sofa and make good use of the headrest while you watch your favourite shows. If that was not enough, you would also be able to save a lot of space in the room, where you have installed the TV. Just make sure that the TV is mounted high enough on the wall, so that you or your family members do not get hit in the head while you pass by. Digital antenna installation might prove to be a little problematic though, if you have invested in an indoor antenna. Go for a large one, which can be mounted on your roof. That should solve this tiny problem.

Get some measurements: Before going to the store, you need to make some measurements. Decide where you want to mount the TV and get the maximum length and width of the wall where you want to place them. The wall should be as spacious as possible to allow angular movements of the TV when it is already mounted. Getting the measurements can give you an idea on how big and sturdy your LCD tv mount installation should be.

Space should be left between the TV and the power outlet as well as the wall more so if you are planning to install the LCD TV above the fireplace. The temperature around the TV set should not exceed 32 degree centigrade beyond which the set might overheat and malfunction.

Most TV models come with Internet ready features and are capable of connecting through Skype. To enjoy making video calls then try to get a compatible video camera for your LED TV. The Logitech HDTV Widescreen Video Cam is a perfect choice for this purpose.

You may have, in the past, considered furnishing your home using these three levels, but only under certain conditions. For example, you may have first wanted a floor lamp but instead decided to get a sconce installed on your wall or a chandelier mounted from the ceiling rather than your first initial idea.

The tilting wall mount is comprised of a pivot that is located at the middle of the bracket. This makes it possible for the bracket to keep an appropriate viewing angle, and also allows users to conveniently adjust the viewing angle of the mounted LCD TV.

Tilt wall mount – The tilt mount is best for use where you would like to watch the TV in a reclining position. Most LCD flat screen TVs installed on bedroom walls or over fireplaces should be put up with a tilt mount. This arrangement can also serve to minimize light from windows reflecting on the screen and causing poor picture quality.

Another aspect of having a flat screen TV wall mount is the fact that it really complements well any room ambiance. The elegant beauty of the modern televisions coupled with the various types of sleek wall mounts can turn even the dullest of rooms to something modern and inviting. If you’ve been complaining that your friends don’t like to visit your home, invite them now as you have your new flat screen TV mounted on the wall. Invite them for a football game or for the good DVD evening and they’ll want to come back over and over again.