When it comes to pay per click advertising, social media (Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) marketing, and other online ways to market and grow a business, many people throw up their hands in frustration. These terms don’t mean anything to me . . . it all seems so complicated how do I even know whether I’m getting any ROI?

It may seem a little daunting at first to determine which software program works best. Your best bet is to try the free trials the companies offer. You may find one you like better than the others.

Posting your new article links to the major social networking sites now helps your blog to get indexed faster. The last blog I made for a client was indexed within a week.

Twitter, is a micro blogging site, tweets are short snippets of information and you have access to a relatively large audience. You can get feedback and it is relatively easy to network with people, in a short, quick, convenient way. It is good if you are a particularly busy person.

First, you will want to choose the sites where you will market. Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, and Linkedin are crucial. Although My interests is as much about pinning cool photos as anything else, it’s still a social presence where you may use a wide variety of content to promote your business. Make it part of your marketing arsenal if you want to succeed in your online marketing efforts.

How big is your Facebook page “Like” base? Are you reaching them with targeted posts designed to highlight your business in the areas you want? Or are you posting odds-and-ends in the hopes that your subscribers will find them interesting? Facebook marketing is a specialized segment of Nashville social media marketing and should be taken as the serious business grower it can be.

Does the consultant charge by the hour? By the project? Do they require a retainer before providing services? Find out what the payment schedule is- monthly, quarterly, weekly? Do they charge late fees or interest on past-due payments? Do they offer referral incentives? Is there a minimum contract period?