SPAM is ANY unsolicited or unwanted message received via email. It is untargeted, and sent to people who have expressed no interest in receiving info on your product or service.

Going back to Linux: while you can’t use ASP on Linux, this OS is the most popular for web hosting servers. The stability of Windows and Linux depends on system administrators, not on operating system.

Find out what kind of contract terms are available. If you just want to try out a service, it would be wise to go with monthly plan if available. Although the monthly cost will be higher than if you had gone for an annual plan, it is the better arrangement if you are ready for a long-term contract commitment.

According to Internet Retailing, Internet sales for Christmas 2008 is expected to increase by 50% despite the economic downturn, imagine that. Even in hard economic times people still need services and products. When one large company fails they open the door for 50 smaller businesses. You have the edge because you have little to no overhead and can offer lower prices.

Incorporate a tagline prominently on your website. A tagline is a motto or statement that expresses what your business is all about. Using a clear tagline is important because when someone visits your page, you have roughly eight seconds to capture their attention and entice them to explore the rest of your site.

How much bandwidth is on offer? You do not want to select a plan with too little bandwidth for your website. On the other hand, you do not want to pay for an abundance of bandwidth that you do not need or will never use.

An SSL certificate is an essential ecommerce feature. It is a method of protecting your customers’ private information. You do not want the possibility of their personal data or payment information to be accessed by anyone else on the Internet. By protecting your clients and offering them a secure ordering process, customers will be much more inclined to buy from you.

The cost of the web hosting must be great value for money. Choosing the cheapest deal might sound right, but cheap doesn’t mean value for money. Value for money is a factor of cost and benefits.