One of the most common problems photographers experience, as with writers, is the lack of inspiration. Coupled with this is creativity. These go hand in hand. An inspired photographer is a creative photographer and vice versa. The ability to find a source of inspiration is the gold at the end of the rainbow. If you can find it you’re home and dry. So here are 6 ways to get your daily inspiration.

Mind your mind. In other words be aware of what you think about. Just as with your body, don’t pollute your brain with rubbish and junk thoughts or thoughts that don’t serve you.

Motivation comes from what we tell ourselves about any goal. Human behavior is goal oriented. Staying motivated is a thought away. If you need motivation to accomplish a task today, change what you think about the task.

Start paying attention to what catches your eye and take note. Where or what inspires you? Some common sources include pictures, childhood memories, favorite movies, books or pieces of music, friends, family, and pets, travel destinations you may or may not have been to, works of art, nature, seasons, holidays, celebrities and more. Did you find anything that you like, that stimulates your mind to creative thought or the making of art? Congratulations! You found Let’s be friends!

The second tip is to write down what you are doing each workout. How can you improve unless you know what you’ve done last time? You can’t. By keeping track of what you did last time, you now have the opportunity to improve on that and the added motivation to be a little better next workout. It also allows you to spot any weaknesses or things you need to improve on. An added benefit is it will make you less likely to skip your workout with this visual reminder.

The same principle applies to the home based business owner. He must know what he wants to achieve. He must have a plan on how he wants to get there and he has to monitor his progress daily.

True motivation can be exciting. It fills you with enthusiasm and anticipation. You bounce out of bed every morning eager to go. Each new day is a new adventure to you. And indeed you can sustain motivation for as long as you want, as long as you try. Remember that motivation depends mainly on two things: emotions and imagination. Your emotions fire your feelings, and give you the urge to continue, and your imagination helps stoke the fire.