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With a bit of googling I came across this number. I will post it here for those of you who need a number to call, yet cannot find one on the site. 1-866-941-8368.

I liked it. Included were tips to new Look at the games I play, tricks, and fan letters to the magazine. Each magazine also would feature one particular game and they would focus about 4 to 5 pages of the magazine on that one game. This was cool if they featured a game you were waiting for, but it sucks if it’s a game you have no interest in.

I had pitch meetings several times with Star Trek: Voyager and also a short lived UPN series called Legend starring Richard Dean Anderson.” He has also pitched stories for USA network’s The Dead Zone starring Anthony Michael Hall.

With the passing of time, these watches have become more and more appealing if this is even possible. The company has adapted its products to the consumers’ needs and has revolutionized the meaning of a watch. It has created the first quartz digital watch, the modern Spring Drive Chronograph Technology. In 1973 it introduced the world’s first six digit quartz watch, in 1984 it created the first watch with computer functions and many more inventions of this kind.

And so, I’m still alive. I’ve learned a valuable lesson, too. When I lost my mind and temporarily moved to Los Angeles a few years ago, I discovered that virtually everyone there was a huge LA Lakers fan.

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