Imagine yourself when you are in your childhood years between six to eight years old. You love to collect all sorts of things. From rocks to stamps and all things that are nice to look at. When you became a teen, your view of collection changed. You value NBA cards and collectible toys like the Transformer collection figures and Star Wars action set. Your collection changed from colorful and nice to something worthy of money or trade. You begin to think of the future and how much your items would sell when the time comes that you intend to vend them.

The first collects with little regard to selling the acquisitions and the other acquires in order to sell. Is one necessarily better than the other? I’m a little of both and I can’t say one is inherently better than the other. Each however can learn from the other.

However, you should be very careful in online auction because there is the greater risk of deception and scams. In this sense, before buying you should first check the reliability of the dealer.

Even if you are looking for the best price on gold coins, be cautious when you see a seller that is offering to sell their gold challenge coin maker way below the current market price. That is just not reasonable. If it seems too good to be true, it usually is.

For silver coins, it is going to be a good investment to get the American Silver Eagle coin. This is one ounce and is quite popular among collectors and investors. On one side, it has the Walking Liberty, which was created by A.A. Weinman and it has the silver eagle on the reverse side. The price range of these coins is fair and it depends on the year that the coin was struck. This was not the first money though that utilized the Walking Liberty design. This was first seen on half dollars that were released from 1916 up to 1947.

Because both these coins are being traded on a daily basis, the prices of the coins depend on the value of dollars and on certain events that happened throughout the world. You can get updates regarding the quotes of metal on a daily basis at many reputable sites online.

Different coins may be struck with different depths in the beginning so you should know what the coin looks like in mint or uncirculated condition. The appearance of the coin will be the most important factor in grading coins. Coins that are mint condition or uncirculated will have the full luster that they came off the mint with. Some slight discoloration can occur from rolling the coins together or from rubbing together in the bag they were put into. If the metal itself is still intact, the coin is probably still in mint condition.

Ultimately, the pure collector should become more of a collector-investor and the pure investor should become more of an investor-collector. I started as an investor-collector, now I’m more of a collector-investor. My silver and gold coin collections give immeasurable joy and they are the most cherished investments I own.