Recently it’s come to the interest of the masses that some employers are requesting applicant’s social networking login credentials. Mostly their inquiring for Fb account info and even though it might appear a bit invasive, I can totally understand why companies would want this info.

Open Fb and log into your account. Kind Twitter in the search box on the top of the web page and push enter. This will consider you to the Twitter’s page on Facebook.

Ditto for facebook pva. Sure, it’s fantastic if you have your menu posted on your Business Web page. But individuals get tired of logging in all the time and other passions take over.

Once you’ve produced your individual profile, Fb provides you lots of hints on how to total your individual info. Most of it is great guidance and well worth subsequent. Remember, what you’re trying to do is set up your online persona. It will reflect you and your company. Let this guide your actions as you include info and pictures.

Once your page is created, go to it and you’ll see a sequence of actions to get you started. At the top of the checklist is a button to ‘Suggest to friends’. This is exactly where setting up a personal profile (as opposed to a business profile) truly assists you. Basically, Fb will deliver an invite to any of your friends that you select, inquiring them to ‘Like’ your web page. This is important simply because once you have twenty five ‘Likes’, you can get a custom URL for your Web page that is then easier to discover, pass on to others and even use on your company stationery.

Now you’ve set it all up, I recommend using Fb for a whilst and getting used to it. Begin some discussions and join in other people. Write on peoples Wall or comment on what they’ve stated. For now, it’s not so essential what you say (but remember that this is your on-line persona for you and your company so do apply warning) but it is essential that you get some practice utilizing Fb.

Use the “Share on Facebook” button- If you want to share a YouTube video clip on your Fb wall or personal space you merely need to browse YouTube till you discover the video you want. Then instantly below the video you will see an area that says “Share”, when you click on that you will see Facebook, click Fb. When you click Fb a small window will pop up and ask you to signal in to your Fb account, as soon as you are in discover and click the “post to profile” button, this will link the video clip to your account. Once you do this you are done! You account will display the video clip you have chosen. This is the simplest way to embed movies on Facebook.

The only people that I see connecting accounts good for, are those people who only make 1 tweet a working day at most and don’t employ all the hashtags and mentions. If you simply use Twitter to make a tweet or two about your day that could fit into Fb, then this would be the only purpose to connect accounts. Or else, it’s very best to leave them independent.