I love restaurants. I always have. I’ve worked in restaurants throughout high school and college. The older I get, the more I notice problems. Some drive me crazy and lead to the failure of the restaurant. I want restaurant owners, managers and employees to know that their bottom line depends on their product and all of the service to their customers. Just like any company.

I am constantly shocked and horrified when I read reviews about how rude or unaccommodating a host or Maitre D’ has been to a guest when the goal of the front of house staff should be creating repeat guests and “Life Long” regular customers.

Tribeca is never at a loss for fine dining. Bouley and Nobu are two of the best restaurants in New York and appropriately, two of the toughest reservations to get.

Then there are all the breads, buns, rolls, tortillas, crackers, chips, croutons, refined pasta & rice, and other grain-based foods provided in What not to do in the kitchen – some as freebie appetizers, and some as part of your meal. Grains are already questionable in a healthy diet. Toxic grains, on the other hand, leave no doubt.

HK Diner is a trendy restaurant in the heart of London’s lively West End. This excellent Chinese restaurant has a Hong Kong feel and serves innovative and best restaurants exciting dishes from the Far East as well as specials such as tapioca pearl bubble tea and HK milkshake. There are plenty of vegetarian and vegan options available on the menu, which are interesting creations in their own right rather than just feeling like a standard dish minus the meat.

If you’re already done that romantic thing and you’ve got the offspring to prove it and are looking instead for a great family restaurant, then head straight for Buca Di Beppo on Flamingo Road. The restaurant is as goofy as its name, featuring year-round Christmas lights and a definitely off-the-wall atmosphere as well as heaping portions of ravioli. The kids will love the pizza and you’ll love the linguini with clam sauce.

If you are visiting New York any time soon, please take my guide into consideration and I promise you won’t be disappointed. There are too many options, so break it down by neighborhood to make it easier on yourself.