India is a place to explore. You can move from one part of India and go on travelling to different regions. It is difficult to have a complete trip of this country in a short span of time. You need big time duration if interested in seeing and understanding the culture of a particular village or town in this country. When you come for a tour to India, it is better to take tips from the Lonely Planet Guide because there are wide descriptions about different parts of the country mentioned in it.

I’m guessing this was my 9th visit to Cairo and this one provided the most outstanding guide ever. Hany has obtained ism awards and is the current president of Egypt’s Tour Guide Union. He intended to educate us in a crash course of Egyptology 101 but did so with such an entertaining style that brought things to life before our eyes.

Because of the continuous construction of new buildings, the number of tourists is constantly growing. The business interests in Avenida 5 – 10 are crowding the area and catching the eye of various business investors. This is silent affirmation of the steady growth and rise of Playa del Carmen. It is slowly carving its niche in the tourism map. And best of all, Playa del Carmen is blessed with many beautiful beaches. And all tourists just simply love the beach.

Since announcing their plans to divorce last month, Jon and Kate Gosselin have wasted no time moving on with their lives. Jon Gosselin seems to have ended things with his first fling, schoolteacher Deanna Hummel. He was recently spotted along the French Riviera with new girlfriend Hailey Glassman, the 22 year old daughter of the surgeon who performed Kate’s tummy tuck! How sick is that?

You’ll also need to find a good vacation rental agency to work with. They can be invaluable as they know St Thomas and the locals. They can help you on location of the property, where to hire vendors, and what’s important to potential renters. They usually collect a villa rental for of 15-20% for their efforts.

Upon homecoming from the Crusades, the count of Flanders returned with what was believed to be the blood of Christ. Unopened to this day, the relic remains in this 12th century chapel.

Religious people can get their fill at places like The Grand Palace on Bangkok tour. Here, statue of Emerald Budhha sits with a sense of serenity in this great temple. People from all corners of globe find peace here. Also, there are Wat Arun (Temple of the Dawn), Wat Pho, Wat Saket and Wat Traimit. They are also great places marked on Bangkok tourism.