I came across the concept that there are rhythms to my life when I was working as a busy CEO of a large Not-for-Profit organisation, with a staff of 40, 1000 members, 3 – 5 public presentations per week to prepare and deliver, and 5 overseas trips per year to build strategic national and international partnerships.

Yes, you need to find the courage in yourself, delve into your own heart to stop your affair for good or even seek outside help / www.onlinepsychology.com.au. If you are the injured party, the one being cheated on, here are 3 tips for you.

Initiate contact with your girlfriends. Most women have too much on their plates already. They’ll be happy you called. Most women are in serious need of more connecting time. Women who are married with children often feel like they’re going in several directions at any given time due to their demanding schedule.

Rest counselling cost assured you are not alone. As I have mentioned many times before, relationships go through many different phases and, as sad as it might be, that “absolutely-head-over-heals-in-love-phase” does not last forever!

The number one thing to remember is that everybody makes mistakes. It is very rare for these mistakes to be too big to forgive, most mistakes that are made in a relationship are trivial. These mistakes are also often made in the heat of an argument or a stressful situation. This is a very easy time for anybody to say something that they don’t mean and will regret later.

You first need to decide if you want to get back with this person. Forget about what they want for a moment and concentrate on what you would like. Once you are certain, you will be much more credible as you convince the other person to give you another opportunity.

When we parallel the friendship we can have with God with the counselling frame we’re motivated to be counselled by the Holy Spirit. The Spirit listens and then instructs the heart, if we’ll learn to listen for the still and small voice of the Lord.