Item #1: The cost of office space is rising in leaps and bounds for companies struggling to stay in the black. More and more, employers are getting people to work from home whenever possible.

Then again, even if the function of the recruitment firm is restricted to being a hub that does not mean that they are the minor party. In truth and in reality, their “hub role” is actually the one that shaped the bond between the seeking employer and the job needing applicant. The tripartite relationship created a consequential partnership between all of them.

Now if you are looking for something like a factory or clerical type job, you may want to think about going with an bemanning. There are a number of agencies that works with many of the local factories, and businesses. Many of the jobs that are posted with these agencies are temporary, part-time, seasonal or on an as needed basis. But be warned, when you work at a temporary job, especially, if it is with some of the local factories, they are known to let you go without any warning. You are just told you are no longer needed. This is a negative point. But a positive point is sometimes these temporary positions can lead to full time ones, not often, but sometimes.

What’s your people style? Do you prefer to lead or to support a leader? Would you rather work on a project alone or with others? Do you like to be involved with a partner, a close team of people, or to have others work independently around you? Would you prefer to work with one gender or the other, or with a mix of both? Do you prefer a lot of feedback from others, or are you more comfortable judging your work yourself? Do you like to be in the spotlight, or to work quietly out of sight?

You must always remember one thing that this field is within the financial sector. You will be responsible for handling as well as calculating money. Only people who are extremely responsible must try for the accounting jobs. An accountant is important for each and every company.

I have noticed several things at the various recent career fairs I have attended. First, the composition of the exhibitors has become skewed not just toward sales, but even more towards MLM. Second, the education level of attendees is rising as are average ages, as well. Third, resumes continue to suck. So I am going to camp on these subjects for a while and explore some causes and some remedies.

As a job hopper, or a person who frequently quits jobs, you have more hurdles to overcome than “stable” employees. By following the recommendations listed above, you will improve your odds of snagging an interview for the job you truly love.