RCVA has always been associated with style and designs that transcend trends. Their clothes have always been trend setting rather than following trends. This is one of the very few design driven clothing line that’s managed to look beyond the traditional action sports apparel. Function and fashion are blended to perfection. These design driven clothes although inspired by the American work wear, are great to match every day and every situation.

Make sure that your clothes are soft and light weight. If you wear clothes that are too heavy, you will be very uncomfortable because you will perspire more than normal. Wear clothes that will not restrict your movement. Tight fitting clothing is not the right type of clothing to wear. You want comfortable clothes that will allow you to totally focus on your routine, not on your clothes.

Try out some thing new for your game of tennis this season. You can break through the traditional white skirts and choose different colour and fabric for yourself. There are different fabrics and colours used for summer season. Men can opt for cooler shades this summer.

If you’re in a cold area, it is almost too easy. Men in very cold regions can almost always use an extra set of long johns to keep those sensitive areas warm. This is particularly important for the man who does a lot of work or play in the outdoors.

Team spirit is probably the primary reason for wearing a spandex suit. What better way is there to show spirit than dressing literally head to toe in team colors? These suits can be found in almost any color as well as a lot of customizable team color combinations. With their simple design, they are also easy to embellish and add even more team spirit to for gameday pajamas and underwear. Whether alone or with accessories like a wig or player’s name and number, they are definitely eye-catching outfits to wear to a game and show lots of team spirit.

The ultra cool image that RVCA clothes convey is the key to their success. These clothes have managed to attract people who wish to transcend trend barriers. That’s probably why; a lot of older people too, wear these. RVCA is the brain child of Conan Hayes a professional surfer (who turned down a lucrative professional surfing contract to work on RVCA) and Pat. M. Tenore, who wanted a brand that would be a lifestyle of its own. The brand also aids to promote upcoming and established artist. A portion of the sales of clothes and accessories designed by these artists is donated to a charity that the artist prefers. There’s a heady mix of art, sports, music and fashion at RVCA.

You can also find yoga tops and support camisoles which are very comfortable to wear as well. These garments are affordable and will improve the flow of the lymphatic system. For those who are at high risk of developing breast cancer, breast cancer clothing is a must for you.