First let me mention all the things you do not need to purchase when you start an online business. You do not need shelving, a cash register, electricity, gas, water, fire protection system, a burglar alarm, etc. The list goes on and on. You already have some of those in your home so you will not need them for your business.

One wireless home security system is G E Security Pro. They have an advanced security program for businesses and homes. With their residential security package, you get home security, fire protection services, medical and even environmental emergencies. GE also puts your lifestyle into consideration when you are securing your home. Some questions they would like to know are if you are ever home alone, or if you have children, if they are ever left alone. They are the leader in security, and will give you the most excellent service.

Retaining a fully clean fireplace also saves you from fixes that can be very expensive. Additionally, it allows appropriate air-flow and lets carbon monoxide and flammable gas out of your home.

According to tax data available on the Monroe County website, In 2010 Sweden and Clarkson residents, who use the Brockport Fire Department, pay less than half of what other Monroe County residents pay for fire and ambulance protection.

What size are you looking for? What are you trying to protect? Your home safe should be big enough to fit things like important documents (birth certificates, passports, social security cards, credit cards, wills, tax returns, business papers, insurance documents, photos, etc); digital media (CDs, DVDs, memory sticks, GPS systems, MP3 players, cell phones, etc), and valuables (family heirlooms, jewelry, cash, video/camera equipment, collectibles, etc).

We have witnessed the emergence of the “short sale” scams. We have watched thousands of homeowners simply walk away from homes because they either cannot afford the payments or were so intimidated by the complexity of the court system.

If you do choose to burn the real thing, make sure you are using candles wisely. While there is no doubt that candles offer beautiful lighting, the risk often overshadows the reward. Don’t be one of the 15,000 Americans who learn candle safety the hard way.