We see and hear mention on TV during college and NBA/WNBA games about the often mediocre performance from the Free Throw line. Nightly we see high-paid NBA players who often can’t make more than 50-60% of their “free” shots. Teams sometimes shoot only 50% from the Line for a whole game, 15 for 30 recently for Cleveland, for example. Solutions are rarely stated, usually just the announcers’ surprise at the poor level of shooting.

In baseball, a pitcher employs his wrist, hand, and fingers to deliver a pitch – can you imagine what a pitcher would look like if told to “lock” the very thing that ties him to the ball? The pitcher wouldn’t have any sense of feel or touch if he locked his hands.

Punch Bags are a great way to improve your Punching technique as you can do head shorts, body shots and footwork. You also have the chance to train as many rounds as you need to without getting hit back. Most MMA fighters do 3 lots of 5 minute rounds on the heavy punch bag and when fighting for a title they do 5 lots of 5 minute rounds. This ensures that they can go the distance in the title fight. Coaches believe the use of a heavy bag will improve your punching technique dramatically and is very important for training in MMA.

Purchase a Orthopedic Splint in Physical Therapy Equipment or brace at a local Walgreens or Walmart store or from your medical provider. The brace should be worn while at your bench and also at night, when you go to bed. This prevents the wrist from bending during sleep and will lessen the irritation to the wrist or wrists.

Standing correctly is one of the biggest things to get right. You should stand up straight with the body weight being equally distributed on the feet. The feet should be shoulder width apart. When the ball is coming the person should lift up his front foot up a few inches then slide it forward towards the pitcher. The timing has to be just right and your hands should be one on top of the other when swinging the bat.

If wearing a strap, tighten it up so the guitar hangs above your waist. Grunge and punk guitarists love to have their instruments hanging really low as part of an image thing, but it’s absolutely terrible for technical players! If you’re wearing your instrument on a strap, just give that strap a quick tug and raise it up above your waist to allow your fingers to hit notes more comfortably.

What can make gout worse? – Gout, like other ailments, can be made worse through food choices (I.E. foods high in purines such as organ meats and shellfish) lifestyle choices (I.E. smoking, limited exercise, being overweight or obese), and medications (I.E. diuretics). It is imperative you find out what can increase your risk of a gout attack, because the more frequent your attacks, the more chronic your condition and the more complications can occur.

With this in mind it is easy to see why patients over the country are using wrist splints. If you find yourself having to wear a carpal tunnel wrist splint, keep in mind that they are not forever. If you wear them diligently, you should be able to come back to a pain free life. Learn more today!