Candle making is not at all complicated and candle making instructions can quite easily be followed. However, this involves an artistic element that you will obtain only from practice. You will need some wax, a few wicks, candle making molds and you are all set to make a candle. You can even go in for some fragrance and color, if you want your candle to look and smell good. You can make either a container candle or a molded candle and candle making instructions state that both are equally good choices for a beginner.

Our second batch of artistic candles were created by using milk cartons as well. She called them Lacey Candles, and when they were finished, they did indeed look like lace. Once the wax was melted, the color and the fragrance added she filled up the cartons with ice. When the wax was poured and had dried, the candles did look like small squares of lace.

For the supplies you will need wax, a lead free wick and a scent, if desired. There are many options when it comes to waxes. The most common is paraffin wax. It is easy to work with and it comes in a variety of melting points so you can use it for different kinds of candles such as: votive candles or pillar candles. The next most popular is beeswax. This one is a bit more expensive because it is harvested in smaller amounts at a time. This wax makes candles burn evenly and put off a warm glow. Beeswax doesn’t need a scent as it gives off a honey sent when burned.

What you are going to firstly do is prepare your glass container by sticking down the tab of the candle wick to the bottom center of the glass. You can use a writing pen as it’s perfect for keeping your candle wick up straight while pouring the hot gel. After you have glued the candle wick to the bottom of the glass cup you will wrap the excess wick around the pen. You are then going to lie the pen across the top of the glass.

What I am going to teach you today is how to make a candle with three layers and three different colors. This is easy to do and very fun as well. Here is a list of the different Candle making supplies that you are going to need for your home Candle making workshop.

There are also palm soy, and gel waxes you can use. Soy and palm are similar to beeswax and are becoming more popular because they are all natural products. They come in a variety of melting points like the paraffin and both burn clean. Which means your home will be cleaner. Gel wax is not really wax at all. It is a combination of resin and mineral oil. Gel wax is fun in that it is transparent and you can do a lot of fun things in the wax. You might even want to make some votive candles in a shape mold, for example a start cookie cutter would make a cute little candle to put into the gel wax for variety.

Now clear a surface to work with, make sure it is flat and level and not going to be easily disturbed. Cover the area in newspapers to protect it and make clean up easier. Now when the area is prepared take the carving knife and cut chunks of the wax in to the top pot of the double boiler. Place the top pot on the stove and boil the water. Stir the wax often and check the temperature as it should melt at around 160 degrees.

Once the wax is melted and ready to pour, you will need a mold or container prepared. Votive kits usually come with a set of votive molds and pre-tabbed wicks that you simply secure to the bottom of the mold before pouring the wax. There is a wide range in prices for candle kits based on how inclusive they are. For lower priced kits, you will probably have to furnish your own equipment. Things like the thermometer and a double boiler pot might be items you already have and can use only for candle making. Some of the popular kits which are available in market today are Beeswax Candles Kit, Gel Making Kits and Marbled Candle Kit.