Turn Off Activity Broadcasts. If you’re still employed, be sure to turn off activity broadcasts before you start making updates to your profile. You know how you receive updates on the activity of all the people in your network such as changes to headlines, experience and specialties? This activity is an immediate tip-off to employers or coworkers that you’re looking. To turn off broadcasts, sign into your account and access account settings. This can be found where by mouse-ing over where your name appears in the top right of the page, above the search bar. In the settings, under your profile menu, select the option “Turn On/Off Activity Broadcasts” and make sure broadcasts are off.

How you see yourself is one thing, but how others perceive you can be quite another. So get a partner in crime to run these characteristics by. I find a conversation with a trusted friend helpful, certainly more so than spending money on so-called self-help books. Just run your work out past a good friend or trusted acquaintance. Chances are she has either been thinking about the same thing or has already tried her hand at it. As a last resort or if you prefer a more trusted, scientific approach get on the Internet. There are even websites which can help you write the perfect profile to achieve maximum impact and find your soul mate- mostly for a fee.

Include your profile URL on your resume, business cards, and other places around the web where you show your expertise, such as your blog, your YouTube profile pages, and other places.

Experience and Skills – Be sure to list all your experience and skills using relevant keywords. Be thorough, precise and complete when describing your skills and your experience. Be sure to be grammatically correct and proofread every sentence.

Your profile is going to convey to others what you’re hoping to get out of the online profile dating process, which is why early on, I had you write down what you wanted from this.

Professional Summary and Specialties – When writing your summary, let people know what you are about and what you can do for them. Use short precise paragraphs. Get to the point and be convincing. List your Specialties so they are much easier to read and capture attention quicker.

Any time you’re allowed to expand on your profile choices, try to do it. If it asks if you have any pets, for example, don’t just check “dog.” Explain it further if you rescue greyhounds and foster animals until they’re adopted out.

I hope this how-to has served as a helpful guide to creating an online profile that will help you meet women. For an example of my own personal online dating profile and other helpful online dating tips and advice please see my signature box.