There is a huge selection of home printers available that it becomes hard to choose the right one for you. Not to mention the bundle of options that each one comes with. Let me tell you about the most important things you need to know when buying a printer.

One thing you must be very conscious of when buying printer online is security. It is a very good idea to get to know your merchants very well before buying expensive products. Another way to make sure of your purchases is to check if they have third party security seals. In order to get these seals of trust, merchants have to go through rigorous testing and auditing.

Second, you should be sure that you have chosen the right size and layout for your bookmark. As with any small piece of marketing material, you only have so much space to work with. If you have a bookmark that is dull or is too crowded with text, people will not read it. Your design should have a lot of white space on the border and enough space between lines or paragraphs of text. Readability is always important in advertising, but especially so when you are dealing with a small amount of space.

No matter how brand new a computer is right now, it will be boot slower and slower over time. Though Windows 7 is thought to be the fastest operating system, it is no exception. So, more and more PC users are seeking methods on how to make Windows 7 boot faster easily.

If you do decide to buy your models online, make sure to find out about shipping, in terms of the costs involved and making sure the product gets to you in one piece. At 8.5×17.5×12 inches, the price will be a significant amount, although look to see if your seller includes it in the total price. The prices will vary in different places, so look for the best deal.

Third, you might want to add a bit of a personal touch to the design of your bookmark. Rather than using a more generic design, you can design your own distinct look by putting in an interesting quote or some sort of message for your customers. For example, a bookmark might be a good place to advertise upcoming specials for the year, or perhaps to advertise a 20% off sale.

Duplex Printing: Duplex printing enables you to print on both sides of a page. There are two kinds of duplex printing: automatic and manual. In automatic duplex printing, the printer automatically prints on both sides of the page without any user intervention whereas in manual Duplex, it prints on one side and then waits for the user to pick the paper from the out tray and put it back in the input tray so it can print on the other side. Manual is very cumbersome as you will invariably get confused about which side should be up and it wont allow you to just hit print and then go about your business; you will have to stay there and manually change page after page after page.

With the easiest methods above, you will not encounter Windows 7 boot slow problem any more. If not, it is recommended that you can turn to use a registry optimizer to scan Windows 7 for free. With a clean registry, you can easily make Windows 7 boot faster.