Cricket, first played by England, is a simple bat and ball sport. This outdoor sport has become so popular since then. The game is played between two teams each containing eleven players. Having so many passionate fans, this bat and ball game has evolved into a religion these days!

The very known Babe Ruth has a very odd habit. Just before every game, he used to place a cabbage leaf under his hat, for good luck. And sure enough, he was the luckiest Bowling player, being recognized as one of the best in this game!

Cricket history depicts the true spirit of the game. This history familiarizes you with the tradition and culture of cricket. Cricket history always raised the curiosity of the cricket enthusiasts. It is because Cricket history sharpens their knowledge about the game and makes a core base for them. In fact, cricket history helps the enthusiasts to delve deep into the game and understand the facts. The game of cricket has earned a wide acclaim and its popularity chart is increasing with the passage of time.

Bowling gloves are also a great way to help a bowler’s game. Bowling gloves are not like standard gloves…they have wrist support, often extend the non-bowling fingers, and also have a rubberized grip to help with the release of a bowling ball. The wrist support can also be a game changer if a person has a weak wrist or has a wrist injury from the past just waiting to reemerge. Gloves help a player through all aspects of their bowling technique, from the initial grip to the release of the ball, and can help a player significantly improve their game in little time.

Its fame saw the formation of The American Bowling Congress in the year 1895. With this, the rules and regulations of the game were regulated and countrywide Bowling contests started taking place. Two decades later, another organization was born. In 1917, The Women’s Bowling League or The Women’s International Congress encouraged women to take part in national Bowling competitions.

At some point in the 17th century, bowling slowly traveled to America with immigrants from different parts of Europe, mainly England and Germany. Though, various forms of bowling differed slightly from one another, the most common was the one with ninepins. This form of bowling is common until date in New York, known by its modern name ‘Bowling Green’. America developed an everlasting love for this game.

Other accessories you might want to look into include bowling bags and bowling ball cleaners or polishers. For personal use, you may want to have your own face towels or wristbands. These types of accessories are not required, but can be a personal preference for many bowlers.