Set the Stage – Setup an area to sit and sort your papers. You will want a comfy chair to sit in, a “to be shredded” bag or box, a “to be recycled” bag or box, a “to be filed” bag or box, a “to be put in safe deposit box”, some sticky notes, a pen or marker, and a tall refreshing beverage of your choice.

In the box were bankbooks with entries of more than $60,000 in savings accounts, along with a key to a Safe deposit box. When the friend opened the Safe deposit box for sale, there was more than $70,000 in cash, and many of the bills were in denominations of $50 or $100. The widow lived in poverty when she could have enjoyed a much higher standard of living. On the other hand, many who would not live a poverty-stricken life physically live a poverty-stricken life spiritually.

Wall safes can also be a good choice and (depending on the size) can be covered with a large picture or other type of decor. They can be manufactured to be extremely secure and may use advanced technology such as fingerprint scanning to ensure that only select people can open the safe.

OInvest in a jewelry travel case that rolls up. This will keep jewelry from falling out and getting lost in transit. Cases are available in different styles so that you can choose one for the amount and type of jewelry you normally take with you when you travel.

Deuteronomy 17:14-20 is God’s instructions to the Israelites to appoint a kings who will fear God and observe his laws. God knew that when the Israelites settled in the Promised Land they would ask for an earthly king to lead them. The only way for the king to make wise decisions was to write out God’s laws and read them daily. The king’s strength was not to be in wealth or political alliances, but in God’s Word. It is an anchor in stormy times. It sustains us and keeps us on the course God has planned for our lives.

CDs or an external hard drive containing digital copies of all family photos. It’s a good idea to scan all older family photos and keep a digital copy of them as well. Your family memories in photographs are irreplaceable.

The most known way to invest in the precious metal is buying bullion gold bars. Some countries, like Argentina, Liechtenstein or Switzerland sell them or buy them over-the-counter. You can also get gold from bullion dealers. You can hold the metal either in your own safety or in a safe deposit box.